Research Interests

My research focuses on improving our understanding of the interactions between fire, vegetation and climate, and exploring how these interactions feed impact terrestrial ecosystem properties such as carbon and hydrological cycles. I'm also involved in continued development of a vegetation model benchmarking system; and collaborate on research exploring resource allocation and pheneology strategies, and strategies for avoiding drought mortality. Much of this involves utilising experimental and satellite data to drive more observation-driven vegetation model development.

For more information on my current projects, check out the links below. And see my publications and CV for past research.

Latest Research Interests blog

LPX Dynamic Global Vegetation Model

Development and application of LPX -a coupled Dynamic Vegetetion-fire model.

Vegetation model inter-comparison benchmarking

Statistics and observational data for benchmarking and comparing vegetation models.

Traits for Resistance and Recovery to Disturbance

Data and analysis for bark thickness and resprouting plant traits used to protect against and recover from disturbances such as fire.


A new dry-tropical phenology model based on the principle of a damped-harmonic-oscillator driven by soil moisture

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